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Admission to RUET is extremely competitive. The admission is completely transparent and student-friendly standard process from the application to publication the admission test results.

Under Graduate Program     

Admission procedure for the Under Graduate program is annually reviewed and improvements implemented on coming admission test regular basis. Any modification of admission test procedure is announced in the website by notice prior the admission test, though the updated prospectus will be available in the website in due time. Details are available to anyone through inquires.Every year, the university received applications on prescribed application form from the students who passed H. S. C examination. Application received on the basis of admission announcement and full-filling the application requirements. The requirements are set by the admission committee.  Among the received applications the admission committee scrutinized and set priority based on highest sum of the grade point of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English of H.S.C. The committee continue the priority process until the number of students equal to the authority has decided to allow for sit in the admission test. Usually about ten times students of the total seat are allowed for admission test. Combine admission test is held and allocation the department is done after the admission on the basis of merit position and choice of the students.The list of valid candidate for admission test is published in the notice board and university website. Candidates collect his/her Roll number from the notice board or website with respect to their reserve Form number. Candidates have to reserve the Roll number and Form number in the admission test and for future reference.